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Welcome to MIA Micro-FLIGHT 
Looking for Unique RC Models? or Upgrades for your existing RC product?
Have FUN! with your friends and family

Older Style

Newer Style


*** The Upgrades Available are the Newer Style ***

BAT1 MIA Rip-Stop Sewn Black Trim - Color Sail Upgrade
Black Trim - Color Sail
Pilot Head and Servo Upgrade with Motor Mtg Pod and Cover
MIA Turbo Pod Motor and Prop Upgrade BAT1

Stylish Profile Body Racing RC Landyacht KIT
Designed from bottom up to provide an Large, Highly Attractive, Efficient
and easy to assemble Racing RC Landyacht Model
For light to moderate windy day CLEAN FUN!. Get two or more kits for you and your buddy or
son, daughter, grandson, and have a race at the local park or in your backyard.
Very Easy to assemble and operate.
High quality Ripstop Nylon "sewn sail" (not a piece of die-cut plastic sheet)
CNC machined and reinforced plywood profile body with servo-radio tray,
can be decorated or painted as you desire.
MIA TUFFâ„¢ Select Hardware as used on various other MIA Micro-FLIGHT products.
MIA Fiberglass large low profile wheels with hard foam Tires and  low friction hubs
for stable, smooth and maintenance free operation on flat surfaces including beach sand.
Set of Attractive Vinyl Decals including a set of numbers from 0 to 9 for you to personalize your racer.
Two standard servos (1) for Steering and (1) for Sail Control.
A regular RC car, boat or airplane  2 CH (minimum) receiver, transmitter and  4 AA batteries.
A light to moderate windy day and an open area such as large park basketball, tennis court or backyard.
Can also be operated along Park Sidewalks away from traffic, or empty traffic-free parking lots.
To purchase a kit please e-mail.

About MIA TRIKE-A-SAILâ„¢ Wind Powered Land Trike RC Models.



Upgrade your BAT-1 Landyacht plastic sail
to a "Sewn Ripstop Nylon Sail"

Various color options to personalize your model. To purchase an Upgrade BAT-1 Sail please e-mail.


Sample of basic Ripstop Nylon Sail Upgrade.
Material and Sail Geometry can be tailored to specific wind requirements.
Can also be customized with different style/color Trim and Lettering to suit user requirements.  

Add More Realism to your Model with a MIA Flight Instrument Panel

We have begun shipping the MIA EZâ„¢ 1.25 Gyro Full Kits with MIA Blades and Electronics.
To purchase a kit please request a Paypal Invoice via our e-mail .
Likewise with the MIA Quicksilver Style Ultralight kits,
until we are finished restructuring this site. Thank you - MIA






MPI, Military Stealth Brown, Dessert Tan and Olive Drab Scale Bodies





MIA's latest Custom Products include a Dual Seat Trike Frame option
for the MIA Quicksilver style full aluminum carbon and nylon sewn sail RC Ultralight Kits.

MIA RAVENâ„¢ Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight
Check out our Latest Ultralight Video
On Board Camera View Video

MIA EZâ„¢ 1.25 Trike RC Microlight
See our MIA EZâ„¢ 1.25 Trike Latest Video
MIA EZâ„¢ 1.25 Autogyro and MIA EZâ„¢ 1.25 Microlight
Same control for both products Video

MIA Articulated Pilot Figure with Animatronics Head


 MIA EZâ„¢ 1.25 Trike RC Microlight Video

Original Single Seat Trike Frame Ultralight Conversion Kit
for the GWS or HK Slow Stick
A proven Superb! FPV Platform



Trike Frame Kit with Tail Section for a more elaborate Slow Stick Conversion.

GWS Conversion Kit Video1
GWS Conversion Kit Video2

MIA Quicksilver Style
"Full" Aluminum - Carbon - Nylon Sewn Sail Kit

  Original MIA Quicksilver Foamy Wing Version Video

MIA EZâ„¢ Gyro Conversion Upgrade Kit
(A Sexy Pusher Bensen Style)
 for the Auto G/G2 RC Autogyro
Check Out our Latest MIA EZâ„¢ 1.25 Gyro Video



Stylish Super Park Flyer Micro Bensen Style RC autogyro Kit 1:8 Scale
  MIA EZâ„¢ 1.0 Gyro Video

A Fun Stylish and High Performing Park Flyer RC Microlight 1:8 Scale
MIA EZâ„¢ 1.0 Trike Video 1


MIA EZâ„¢ Trike 1.0 RC Microlight Kit

 MIA Phantomâ„¢ Carbon Pattern molded canopies and MIA TUFFâ„¢ LG
are the most durable, yet lightweight RC micro helicopter upgrade parts you can find.
In addition to making a stock helicopter look more serious and less toy like.

If the Hobby is not Colorful and Fun :)...
it is simply boring :(
Early on, when many companies remained with the basic natural, black and white parts,
MIA ventured into offering a wide selection of colorful options to suit everyone's taste.
We still produce RC hobby composite and molded parts
in a variety of colors, including Military Custom Colors.







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