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Description of Common Terms

Micro, Sub-Micro, Palm-Size - In regards to Radio Control Models, these terms generally refer to specific size categories.

Originally, these names were born from early miniature radio control helicopter internet group discussions and treads on related subjects by MIA Micro-FLIGHT, via various internet user groups such as RC Groups and Yahoo Groups (Previously known as Yahoo Clubs) to name a couple,  but also MIA carried on, in the market, with actual products, in these respective categories.

To our knowledge, besides MIA Micro-FLIGHT, no one else in the world has had an extensive history and original content in regards to these specific areas, since the very early years of their conception, development and  market exposure, which started around 1998.  It is for this reason, that we have also established, the MIA Museum, to share with the public, the countless material and amount of work that MIA Micro-FLIGHT has accumulated in these, Micro, Sub-Micro, Palm-Size™ areas over the span of many years, and since the very first  MIA micro size helicopter product, the Shark Rubber Powered Helicopter, a 12 inch rotor diameter, 1 ounce, free-flight model sold in the early 90's.

In recent years, other companies have adopted these terms, and are now standard titles to describe similar products in the miniature RC Model Hobby industry.

PARH - Pitch Adjustable Rotor Head,  a term formulated by MIA Micro-FLIGHT to define a type of rotor head with dual integral, blade angle of attack, adjusting mechanism. This type of rotor head, resembling a sort of turnbuckle, was developed, as an upgrade part, and utilized in the MIA Robin 280, as means of providing fine tuning of the helicopter flight dynamics by allowing the user to manually adjust the angle of each blade independently.

TUFF - A MIA Micro-FLIGHT Trademarked term derived from the word "tough" to describe the durability of MIA products,  bearing such name.

G10 - A type of lightweight and highly durable material composed of glass fibers and resin, typically fabricated into thin sheets, from which parts, such as MIA helicopter main frames, rotor heads and other parts, requiring durability and some flexibility, are made from.

UNIFLYBAR - A flybar design formulated by MIA Micro-FLIGHT, to do away with the typical flybar rod, separate paddles and tip weights, that is part of almost every Radio Control Helicopter. This type of flybar, also eliminates the need to fiddle with the center point location of the bar and subsequent balancing adjustments, making it easier to install. Manufacturing of such, combines all three parts, the rod, and both paddles as a single unit. Made from G10 and incorporating multiple perforations on each paddle leading edges, so that tip weights,  can be added, by means of screws/nuts, as required, to provide fine tuning of the helicopter model's gyroscopic stability.

BARLESS - A name formulated by MIA Micro-FLIGHT to describe A helicopter without the typical flybar. The more commonly utilized name, in the RC Helicopter Hobby Industry, is "Flybarless".

Heli - Helicopter

- Ready To FLY

- Almost Ready To Fly

RC - Radio Frequency Controlled

IR - Infra Red Wave Controlled

Swashplate - A helicopter's steering mechanism, in the form of a complex multi-axial pivoting double plate.

Flybar - A bar typically mounted above or below the helicopter's rotor head, equipped with end paddles and tip weights to provide control and gyroscopic stabilization.

Fixed-Pitch - A pre-defined set positive angle of attack in a helicopter rotor blade, which provides thrust and allows a helicopter to lift itself, via an increase in rotor speed.

Collective-Pitch - A variable angle of a helicopter rotor blade, which provides positive or negative thrust and allows the helicopter to lift itself upright or inverted, respectively by a combination of rotor speed and positive or negative angle of attack. This allows for a more efficient, power usage, ideal for advanced and aerobatic maneuvers.

LG - Landing Gear

FFF - Fast Forward Flight, as the name implies. Also referred to Fan-Fold-Foam, a type of insulation foam, sold in folded sheet form, and widely used by people who scratch build foam models, called "foamies", from it.

Li-Pol - Lithium Polymer, a chemical formulation, fairly recent battery cell technology, which yields high energy capacity, at a very low weight. Requires thoughtful and extra careful operation.

Ni-Cad - Nickel Cadmium, a chemical formulation, as applied to older battery technology, which yields a  heavy battery, but less complex and more user friendly than Li-Pols.

NMH - Nickel Metal Hydride, a chemical formulation, that followed Ni-Cad battery cell technology, slightly lighter in weight and better than NiCad, but still not as efficient and as light weight as Li-Pols.

Cambered Blade - An aircraft's rotor or propeller blade that has a specific curvature to provide thrust.

Flat-Bottom - An aircraft's wing or rotor blade airfoil, that, as the name implies, has a flat bottom.

Symmetrical - In reference to aircraft, a wing, rotor blade, or airfoil that has symmetry, top and bottom airfoil shapes are the same. Ideal for aerobatic models.


What is...


A branch of dynamics that deals with the motion of air and other gaseous fluids and with the forces acting on bodies in motion relative to such fluids.


The design and construction of aircraft.
The theory and practice of aircraft navigation.


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