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MD500E Kit Instructions

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Note the excellent stability and flight realism, in our  flight videos, achieved with:
MIA MD500E scale body LG kit
 MIA DeLuxe Stabilizers
MIA Shaft Collar Swashplate Standoff Kit.
First Part of the second video video contains information about
the MIA TUFF LG Kit-CB100 tail guard and LG assembly.
Second Part of video contains assembly details about the MIA MD500E.
MIA MD500E -Walkera CB100 - Kit Parts

Scale body and clear windshield


Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizers


4 G10 CNC Machined Strut Supports


1 G10 CNC Machined Strut Support Plate-Battery Holder


2 G10 CNC Machined Strut Angle Fixture Plates


2 Aluminum Skids


4 Aluminum Spacers


4 Stainless Steel Micro Bolts


2 Battery Support Bands


1 Foam Round Boom Support


1 Plastic Boom Locking Sleeve


8 O-ring Skid Retainers



The MIA MD500E Scale Body LG kits fit a variety of small helicopters from various manufacturers.
Due to this flexibility in design of this MIA Scale Body Kit, you will see similar photos mixed with similar size product instructions. Please read carefully each section as it
applies to the individual brand of helicopter you are retrofitting it to.


Use a quality grade CA glue and accelerator to assemble the LG parts. For tips on using CA Accelerator and CA Glue to achieve professional results please read  MIA Kit Intro-Assembly .  Note that the glue joints (tongue and groove) are indicated by lines in red. DO NOT glue the angle aligning plates that are held with rubber bands, These get removed once glue is dried and the 4 perforations are used to mount, with the hardware supplied in the kit, to the underside of the helicopter main frame in the next steps.

For the CB100, 4#3s, V100D01, the 2 aluminum spacers (lines in red), and 2 bolts (lines in blue) are used to provide the proper spur gear clearance and spacing. Repeat this spacer and bolt installation at the rear section also. Total 4 spacers and 4 bolts, as supplied in the kits.

The windshield is attached at the front of the scale body with tiny screws left over from the stock LG, as this customer photo did it, at the top and front (lines in red). If you are trying to keep the helicopter lightweight, we recommend that you use invisible Scotch (R) brand tape to secure the windshield to the body.

Note: The O-rings attachment of the skids to the struts provide, not only a fastener that allows easy install and  removal of skids, but also a natural grip for slippery floors. No worry about landing sideways on the skids as the way this is shown and done still provides positive landing support. Look carefully to make sure that the skids rest parallel with the strut "t" end strut support when fastening them with the O-rings.

Note that the boom attached to the stock frame, does not align perfectly horizontal with the natural shape of the MD500E body, therefore the boom needs to be completely removed, so that the frame sits vertical with the scale body and the final scale body retrofit looks more professional and in scale.

The frame should sit as in this next photo but the boom needs to be removed completely. The removal of the boom also keeps the tail section lighter since the weight of boom will not be present.

Note the four mounting LG Peg locations (circles in red), this holds the LG secured to the MD500E body.


Note the four aluminum spacers and bolts (circles in red)  used to secure to the underside of the main CB100 frame.



Note that, unlike the installation of the E-Flite Blade mSR, or Nine Eagles Solo Pro, for that matter, which use a round foam support for the boom to keep it aligned with the MD500E boom, the CB100, 4#3s and V100D01 tail rotor assembly needs to be removed from the boom completely and wires reconnected when fitted to the MIA MD500E body. Pay attention to the wiring polarity so that when reconnecting the tail rotor wires, the tail rotor prop spins towards the back.

To attach the tail rotor assembly of the CB100, 4#3s and V100D01 to the MIA MD500E's end of the boom, it is best to use a bit of hot melt glue (NOT CA or EPOXY) to secure the tail assembly to the plastic molded MD500E boom end. Make sure the Tail rotor blade is perpendicular to the boom, as viewed from the rear of the helicopter.  Using Hot melt glue allows the tail assembly to be removable, in case you need to service the helicopter, at a later time.  Do likewise with the MD500E vertical and horizontal stabilizer tail fin assembly, to complete the look of the MD500E scale body details.
For the Blade mSR only,  a socket type vertical stabilizer fin is used and this does not need to be attached with holt melt glue, since the motor cage provides support for the molded socket type fin.

Attach MIA Vinyl Decals using our reference photos.
Please read  MIA Decals Intro & How To  for tips on application of MIA Decals.  


The battery installation simply rests in the four LG mounting pegs. This balances with the tail section and brings the CG directly under the rotor mast. This also allows ease of removal and re-connection to the battery connector which is fed around the front of the electronic control board and under the front opening of the body.  Look Closely at the next photos and you can see the rubber band in place for this purpose.



Additional Notes: Earlier MIA D500E body kits for the mSR were supplied with slightly longer LG support plate, and can be trimmed at the rear (Optional) about 1/8 inch, for better aesthetics.
Current MIA MD500E Kits come with shorter LG support plates that also have mounting holes to allow the scale body LG assembly to be attached, as well,  to the Walkera CB100, 4#3s and V100D01 helicopters. Keep in mind that the MIA MD500E bodies come trimmed slightly different, depending on the helicopter you ordered it for. 


Check out what some customers have done with our MIA MD500E Scale Bodies and additional creativity and super customization.

 One particular customer (first row of photos) decided to use our MIA TUFF LG Ultra-miniature struts kit, instead of the supplied G10, in scale LG struts and aluminum skids, as an option to run tiny wires and add custom lighting to the sides of the skids. The MIA Ultra-miniature TUFF struts, are tubular and for this particular ultra customization, it  allows for the lighting wires to run through. This customer had to manufacture a custom balsa wood bracket to support the TUFF struts, something you do not need to do with the kits as we supply them originally.  Although it  looks great with the lights, the LG it is not in total true scale with the real MD500E scale body.  But we still liked these photos and we think this customer did an exceptional job!, we decided to showcase them here to show what can be done with some additional creativity and work.  As I mentioned, this is a super custom job and he also painted and detailed his MIA MD500E fitted CB100 with a CA Highway Patrol theme.

Please take into consideration that any additional details, do add weight to the helicopter. The upside to this is that the helicopter will fly more stable, the downside to this is that flight time will be reduced from the stock setup. This is a tradeoff and most people that are looking for true scale look and flights are not necessarily looking for performance racing machines. It is a give and take and if you are planning to do similar scale retrofits, please consider these tradeoffs.
 Photos Courtesy of MIA Customers
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