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MIA Upgrades Phantom and Edge Pro Kits - Blade MCX Heli
Landing Gear, Stabilizer and Canopy assembly and  Installation Instructions
Kit Parts





2 G10 CNC Machined Strut Supports


1 G10 CNC Machined Battery Holder


2 Aluminum Skids


2 Battery Support Bands 


1) Gently remove stock plastic landing gear from MCX frame.
2) Carefully break off the G10 landing gear parts from the G10 parts tree.
3)Assemble the new MIA G10 (fiberglass) battery plate to struts by first test fitting plate to make sure it installs flush with bottom of strut support pegs, then glue with medium viscosity CA glue.
4) Gently Insert Aluminum Skids into Struts with O-Rings. Angle the struts a bit to press against the skids, then lock with the O-rings, as illustrated. No need to glue.
5) Carefully insert the new landing gear assembly into the plastic frame's landing gear support. Once installed it remains installed with pressure. Do Not glue!
6) Trim the Vertical and horizontal stabilizer parts that match the supplied canopy. and assemble with medium viscosity CA glue. Make sure Stabilizer is glued nice and square.
7) Remove original MCX large vertical tail fin and install new stabilizer assembly with CA glue.
8) Mount Canopy to rear canopy support on the MCX frame.
Trim and finish canopy, stabilizers with MIA Decals



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