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NEW September 2014 Due to current work load, MIA meticulous, high quality workmanship and manufacturing of custom MIA Ultralights with Nylon Sail Wings and Stabilizers, please allow 3-4 weeks lead time from time of order.  Your patience is highly valued and appreciated. We want you to be proud to own and fly a custom MIA UL kit, as we are proud to make it and fly here in the USA.

New Orders:
Please E-Mail Us. We will send you a Paypal Invoice until we can add Paypal purchase tags here in this page.

Inspired by Real Aircraft

Re-Designed for Flying RC Model Entertainment Applications

Superb! Platform for FVP Flying

Several Options to fit your budget and skill level

The MIA RC Ultralight Design Approach

Design incorporates MIA's own methods and parts engineered to keep things:
Logical, Simple, Easy, Flyable, Durable, Attractive, Realistic and Versatile.

A quick comparison of real ultralights and the MIA Design approach for RC model use.

Real ultralights use mostly aluminum tubing which is drilled and joined to other tubing via brackets and hardware. In addition wing LE and TE tubes are also drilled at equally spaced intervals for the ribs (wing shaping battens) and tension tubes. This approach in true scale renders a structure susceptible to easy break points anywhere where the tubing is drilled. MIA does not drill any of the tubes except at the ends where the tubes connect to other tubes, sections of the airframe, or strut connections.

The use of clamp type gripping clips at the ends of the tubes and along the tubes to attached to other tubes and parts, is a much better option as it maintains all tubes intact and makes for a much better (more robust)  connection for model use. There is no risk of a break point "along the length of the tube" due to a perforation as they have none.  This structural clamp design approach has been a MIA trademark on many of our products, including the MIA EZ™ Product Line. What this means for the user is also ease of assembly and basically a maintenance-free and attractive TUFF looking and lasting model.

Wing Installation Removal (Transport and Storage)

In addition and of importance for ease of wing installation and removal for transport and storage, MIA does not link the wing directly to the horizontal diagonal tail tubes, this way the tail section is left intact upon removal of wing. This MIA concept involves using a horizontal tube attached to the root tube and to which the diagonal tail tubes are connected, not directly to the TE of the wing. The end result is a complete intact fuselage that separates from the wings as independent assemblies.  Connections from the wing to the horizontal tail bar are done via a nut and spacer (1/wing) which also set the proper dihedral from the root tube.

Weight Shift vs. Rudder and Elevator vs. Rudder and Elevator with Aileron or Flaperons

The real Quicksilvers started as simple single sling type seaters with weight shift control, providing s super simple control but limited. Later on moving to rigid single seats with rudder and elevator with high dihedral wings,  the classic sport look.  Some models were fitted with aileron, flatter wings and dual seats.   For the sake of simplicity and to remain true to the classic look, ailerons are not part of the basic MIA UL kits,  but as an add on optional accessory which will be offered in the near future.   

Full Aluminum-Carbon Frame with Strut Braced Wings

These QS Style MIA UL Kits come with full set of aluminum and carbon tubes/rods to build a complete trike with a triangular tail section, in true QS UL Style. In contrast to the MIA Conversion UL Kits for the GWS-HK Slow Sticks (SS) which use most of the stock SS airplane parts including the stock square boom and simply add on the MIA UL Trike and Wing Struts.


Please compare these options carefully and select the one that fits your requirements best.

Strut Braced Wings vs.  Upper and Lower Flying Cables Braced Wings

Strut Braces wings are cleaner and have less drag, they required no cables, as the struts themselves support the wing both in positive and negative tension and therefore are not supplied with the kits. However, these can be added as a final visually enhancing touch by user, by purchasing the MIA QS UL King Post Tube and Cable Kit, which includes an Anofized aluminum tube King Post,  Cable  Distribution Hat, Cable Material and required hardware, to obtain a similar Cable Braced wing  effect, as we did on the original 2011 MIA Bluecor UL model shows below.

All MIA Full Aluminum-Carbon UL Kits come standard with a molded seat, root tube
and parts designed for mounting various size BL motors and props at the back of the root tube or at the front of the root tube with propeller at the rear of the root tube via a motor shaft extender. This later design feature allows for a model that is lighter on the tail end, while maintaining a true pusher UL architecture, and a balanced CG location at typically 25-30% from the LE of the wing with the battery mounted forward on the supplied UL battery tray. Location of RC control servos is simple via the same battery tray which doubles up as servo trays under the trike to maintain high stability and ease of connecting to tail control surfaces.  Spare servo plates are supplied as part of the Battery tray to be used for pan and tilt camera servo base, or separate steering servo mount, etc.

September 2014

New! Pusher Prop with Extender M3 Motor Shaft to Front Mounted Motor is now standard on all MIA Full Aluminum-Carbon UL Kits.


Add-On Optional Accessories such as our MIA Animatronic Pilot, are also available for higher builder fun, appeal and flying excitement

At 1:6 Scale, the MIA Optional Pilot is the ultimate Ultralight touch! and Re-Useable in other MIA 1:6 Scale models such as our MIA EZ™ Line of products (Autogyros, Microlights, Trikes, Helicopters and other Ultralights).  It is also quite useable in a host of other commercial and DIY RC model aircraft.


Power, RC and  Electronic Equipment Required

Because of the dynamic nature of RC power and electronic equipment selection, available in the market, and the versatility of these MIA UL Kits, we can only make general suggestions on motor power and electronic equipment specifications. 

There is a host of motor and prop combos to select from, which provide excellent power.  Please be aware that the tail triangular section only allows up  to 10" diameter pusher props.  Although this is a bit beyond scale  it is plenty when the prop is matched with a proper size motor.

We recommend 500 watts motor  in the range of 1500KV which is plenty for a model that is under 4lbs. Motor shafts in this range are typically 3 to 4 mm in diameter.

Rules of Thumb

Motor and Prop selection, the larger the prop the lower the KV or vise versa.

Power to weight Ratio, consider about 100 watts per1.0 lb of model weight.

The MIA Full Aluminum-Carbon Frame Ultralights will carry easy a Go-Pro and spare FPV equipment.

We encourage you to shop around for RC equipment suitable for your specific application. For example, a basic flying model requires less power and equipment than one that has been fitted for FPV flying. Use common sense and the rules of thumb for your specific application and you will be fine. If in doubt, contact us direct, we'll be happy to assist.


If you're interested in using the GWS or HK Slow Stick Wings and Stabilizers


Ultralight Option 1: 

MIA Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight Full Aluminum-Carbon Frame Kit $124.99

Comes with wing support carbon struts .To be used with GWS-HK SS stock Wings and Stabilizers

If you're interested in using DIY  Foamy or Corflute Wings and Stabilizers


Ultralight Option 2:

MIA Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight Full Aluminum-Carbon Frame and Scale Drawing Patterns Kit $174.99

Complete trike frame and tail section with supporting struts and hardware.
This kit also comes with Wing and Stabilizer Aluminum-Carbon Rod/Tube Framing and Hardware.
To be used with your own 1/4" Bluecor or 6mm Depron DIY wings, using the MIA Foam Wing-Stabilizer Patterns supplied in the kit. Can be also used with 2mm Coreflute using the supplied Wing and Stabilizer patterns and Hardware.

This kit is very similar to the original MIA UL Quicksilver style "Bluecor", as in our first QS UL videos. Natural Bluecor or Depron foam wings and stabilizers, can be decorated easily with Krylon paints for plastics sprayed in light coats. Or use strips of color packaging tape over white Depron wings and stabilizers, as in the photos below.


Decorating - Painting Tip:

Before decorating, clean foam surface with denatured alcohol so that paint or color tapes stick to surface cleanly.

If you're interested in the Full 1:6 Scale Effect of the Quicksilver Style UL

Nylon Sail Sewn Wings, just like the real thing.


Requires User Assembly, as our other kits, especially in installing the wing and stabilizer sewn nylon sail parts over aluminum carbon framework, in very similar way to how the real ultralight sail parts are installed. These are not ARF or RTF kits and therefore are considered serious hobby grade kits. However the unique MIA Kit design approach makes for a kit you can assemble in one night or a week end.



Ultralight Option 3: (Part A and B Kit Assembly)

MIA Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight Full Aluminum Frame Kit Nylon Sail Version

Part A 

MIA Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight Full Aluminum-Carbon Frame Kit $124.99

Complete trike frame and tail section with tail supporting struts and hardware

Part B

MIA Nylon Sail Sewn Wing, Tail Stabilizers and Framework kit To complete the Nylon Sail Quicksilver Style UL


 Red    White    Blue    Yellow    Orange    Green
Part B Kit Options
MIA Nylon Sail Wing and Stabilizer kit (Solid Color)  $174.99 
(Solid Single Color Choice)
MIA Nylon Sail Wing and Stabilizer kit (Solid Color Plus 2 Color Stripes) $199.99
(Choice of 2 Color stripes, plus Solid Color Wing Stabilizers
MIA Nylon Sail Wing and Stabilizer kit (Solid Color Plus 3 Color Stripes) $224.99
(Choice of 3 Color stripes, plus Solid Color Wing Stabilizers)
Similar in the wing color pattern in this photo.



MIA Nylon Sail Wing and Stabilizer kit (Super Custom Color and Design) $ Based on Customer Requirements

(Choice of Color, stripes, special marking, logos, personalization) e-mail us direct for your specs and quote.


MIA 1.25 Ultra Lightweight Articulated Pilot Figure (With Animatronics Head) $74.99

Flexible Ultra-lightweight Body, Choice of Matching Wing Color Flight Suite, and Helmet, Black Gloves and Boots

If no color option is selected, Pilot Flight Suit is supplied in Orange with Black Helmet.

Slightly larger than a GI-Joe figure, but at a fraction of the weight!


MIA UL Steerable Front Wheel Kit $9.99

Same as we supply for the MIA UL Slow Stick Conversion Kits

MIA UL Full Navigation Light Kit $12.99

MIA UL Rear Wheel Pants Kit $14.99

MIA UL Canopy, Front Instrument Blank Panel and Windshield Kit $ 24.99

MIA TUFF™ Coreflut Combo -  Matching Seat, Canopy, Black Windshield and Wheel Spats Kit $29.99

Color: MIA Trademark  Racing Yellow

MIA UL Decal Sheet $9.99

Set of MIA Sport patterns Lettering and Logos to Complement the Quicksilver Style UL Design

MIA QS UL King Post Tube and Cable Kit $21.99

Anodized Blue Aluminum Tube King Post, Cable Distribution Hat, Hardware and Kite Line to make Flying Cables Aesthetic Detail

MIA QS UL Aileron Kit $

Available in the near future


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