MIA Upgrades - Nine Eagles Kestrel

500SX or Spirit

TUFF LG, Boom, Tail Rotor and Wood Blade Kit Instructions

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Kit Parts vary depending on particular Upgrade Kit.
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In order to install the MIA Upgrade TUFF LG, Boom Tail Rotor and Main Blades, the Nine Eagles Kestrel 500SX or Spirit, stock LG, boom, tail rotor and main blades need to be removed.
Break off the G10 pieces from the parts tree at the supporting part bridges. Clean the parts before assembly, test fit the parts using the step by step photos above, make sure you have a clear understanding how the parts are assembled and why, then proceed to CA glue all assembly joints, step by step. The MIA TUFF LG has similar layout and has a vertical plate that supports the RC controller board, in much the same fashion as the original frame.
In additional, in the TUFF LG Kit, there is an additional G10 fiberglass motor adapter plate, that is designed with various mounting holes, to take various size motors, in case you wish to upgrade the helicopter later on with one of various BL motors for such, such as the Feigao, Losi, or similar IPS or 180 size motor.
The battery is simply held with double rubber bands under the battery support, the battery is supported by the front plastic strut and the G10 battery bracket. The battery can be adjusted for/aft for adjustment of CG, the helicopter typically balances directly under the center of the rotor head.


































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