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Walkera 4#3

Retofitted with MIA UPgrades






Radio Control Helicopter


Stainless Steel
For Ultra Durability













































































Improving your Walkera 4#3 Helicopter with MIA Upgrades - Videos


MIA G10 Frame Upgrade Kit - Assembly (FLEX LG Style Frame)

Photo of MIA "Flex" Frame in Carbon, with MIA "Edge" Canopy

The Following Videos are for the New MIA Upgrade Frames for the 4#3, applies to both Carbon as well as G10 Frames with the Flex landing gear.

Q. What changed from First MIA G10 frames (Rigid Style Ones) ?

1) LG Design is now flexible not rigid.
2) Main Ball Bearing Post with Pockets, no need to pocket them yourself.
3) Locking Pin for the Servo top locking clip.
4) Additional plastic square block, smaller than other blocks in the kit. Pre-drilled to take the stock 4#3 boon, press fit. You now have this option , as well as the MIA stronger, but slightly larger diameter boon.
5) You can now use either the supplied parts to make the MIA Direct Drive tail gear box, or use the stock 4#3 plastic gear box using the vertical stabilizer and plastic block assembly to make it Geared Drive, both these option can be used with either the smaller or larger diameter booms.

Basically, you can do it Direct Drive or Geared Drive with no Drilling or enlarging parts. All the parts required to do the adapters are included in the kit, all you have to do is decide which one you want to do and use the appropriate parts in the kit, to do so. This is explained in the following videos  Please follow these in addition to the one for the MIA Rigid Frames which show the assembly of other sections of the frames. 


MIA G10 Frame Upgrade Kit - Assembly (Rigid LG Style Frame)

Photo of MIA "Rigid Frame in G10, with MIA "Edge" Canopy

MIA Falcon Canopy Assembly and Decals


MIA Semi-Automatic Stabilizer System 
 Semi-Automatic Stabilizer System- Part 1
 Semi-Automatic Stabilizer System- Part 2
           MIA Walkera 4#3 Flight Videos
 Flight Video 1



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