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MIA Drifter Style RC Ultralight kit
A Great Radio Control Tandem Seat Ultralight

Bolt-On Model with No wood or gluing whatsoever, for unmatched durability as compared with a typical balsa airplane model.

Category: MIA RC Ultralight - 2018 Ver. Natural Aluminum Frame
Type: Electric Powered
Construction: Bolt-On Kit
Tools Required: Small Phillips Screwdriver
Assembly: 1-2 evenings, depends on user skill
Materials: Natural Aluminum Tubing, Carbon Rods, Nylon, with Steel Hardware
Control Type: Full 3 axis (Aileron, Rudder, Elevator) with Throttle
Wing: Ripstop Nylon Fabric. Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Black, White.

Wing Span: 60″
Length: 40″
Height: 15″

Requires: Customer supplied 6Ch. Programmable Transmitter/Receiver, 3S 2200-3000 mAh Li-Pol battery and charger

$324.99 Basic Kit (Rudder, Elevator)
$334.99 Basic Kit with Tail Steering Wheel
$364.99 Basic Kit with Ailerons
$374.99 Basic Kit with Ailerons and Tail Steering Wheel
Color Options
Electronics Package: Motor,  Motor Mount, Prop Adapter, Electronic Speed Control, Motor Lead M/F Connectors, 3 MG Servos, Propeller, Battery M/F XT60 Connectors

Electronics Package
Pilot Figure Kit: MIA Pilot Figure with animatronics, servo operated head.

Match flight suit to wing color or choose color as desired)

Pilot Figure Colors


The MIA Drifter Style RC Ultralight, while sophisticated in design, is an high performance, easy to fly and highly durable RC Ultralight model airplane, operated by conventional 3 Axis control, Rudder, Elevator, Throttle, and optional Aileron and Tail Wheel Steering.

This tanden seat RC Ultralight model was inspired by the real aircraft, but re-engineered "from the bottom up" for RC. This is not a blow by blow replica to sit static in a museum, but instead a radio control model designed with MIA's own and unique methods, techniques and select hardware for RC model manufacturing, assembly, flyability, durability and longevity. This design uses electric-power and is based on modern-day “Strut-Braced” full scale ultralight architecture, for simplicity and efficiency.
It is assembled, set up and flown, very much like a full scale ultralight, but in smaller scale, via radio control, simpler and also much quicker.
Kit Contents

The Kit comes with MIA's  typical "Kit Contents Checklist", which ensures that the kit has been shipped complete. This kit comes with factory Pre-Assembled Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizers to make assembly by user quicker.

Assembly and Tools

As typical of MIA Kit Products, this kit comes as a "Bolt-On Kit" and requires  assembly with a small Phillips screwdriver. Build time depends on user skill, but should take you no more than a couple of evenings, if you are familiar with RC models and  follow the Videos and Step by Step Instructions, provided with the kits.  The assembly follows this sequence: Frame, LG, Seats, Tail Boom, Stabilizers, Wing, Electronics, Front Canopy, Windshield, Setup.

Technical Product Support

Should you have any questions, during the assembly and setup, Mario I. Arguello (MIA), the designer, is available for technical support via our Contact Us page.

This is an awesome! 60″ size model, suitable for flying outdoor, preferably in calm-weather. While the model can also be flown in indoor hangers or arenas,  it will perform much better in an open un-obstructed area, where you can explore the control with ample room to correct any mistake.

Its exceptional performance is due to its light-weight design, construction and little power required to get going. The model will easily loop by re-locating the center of mass  with respect to the wing center of pressure. It will perform tight turns and recover from stalls and pull-out from hard dives, with ease and precision, even at low altitude, provided the model is set up properly and according to the supplied instructions.
Electronics Package

We have put together, an matched "High Efficiency Power and Control Electronics Package", we highly recommend you purchase with this model. It includes all the components required to power and control the model, so that it performs just as in all our videos.


An optional matching in-scale pilot figure with animatronics head operated via an included servo provides the model with added realism. The pilot figure comes with a color flight suit to match the wing trim color. The pilot head is activated via a spare channel on the customer-supplied RX, can be Y-connected to the Rudder channel or mixed with the aileron, via a programmable transmitter, so to provide a left-right movement of the head for realism.


In order to fly this model, a programmable 4-6 channel transmitter with matching receiver and a 3S 2200-3000 mAh Li-Pol battery and charger is required. This is typically supplied by the user.

Need Parts to make your own cool aircraft,
a Pilot Figure to make your r/c model more realistic,
or a fun Land Yacht to run, when it is too windy to fly?

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