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MIA TUFF™ RPH-1  Rubber Powered Helicopter Kit
A Remake of an Early Original MIA Rubber Powered Helicopter
Category: Helicopter Free-Flight Kit
Type: Rubber Powered
Construction: Press-Fit
Tools Required: CA, Goop or Hot  Glue
Assembly: 1 evening, depends on user skill
Materials:Carbon-Ripstop-Nylon-Plastic-Brass-3D Printed Parts
Control Type: Free-Flight
Rotor Blades:  Durable Lightweight Plastic

Rotor: 16"
Width: 8"
Height: 8.5″
~ 1.25 Oz.

Requires: Hand Winding

The MIA TUFF™ RPH-1 Rubber Powered Heli is a remake of a great early MIA Rubber Powered Helicopter Kit but made even better with today's modern lightweight materials.

The original version was designed back in the early 80's by MIA,  from balsa and tissue. The Current 2018 version is done from Carbon and Ripstop with carefully designed lightweight 3-D Printed Parts and lightweight Poly Blades for Performance and High Durability.

YOU WILL NOT BREAK THIS MODEL as you you would a Balsa One. This model is designed to take a lot of abuse, as part of the trademark features of MIA Products,  while not hindering user from the simple free-flight rubber hand wind up FUN!

You can fly this model anywhere! anytime! but suggest an open backyard, field  or park.

NOTE: Not intended for children under 10 since it uses small parts. Adult supervision is suggested and as with any product that uses a rotary wing or propellers care and caution mus be observed at all times during the winding
and operation of this model.

Kit Contents

The Tough as Nails Kit comes with MIA's  typical "Kit Contents Checklist",  which ensures that the kit has been shipped complete. It includes all the pieces precut and pre-manuactured for ease of assembly.

Assembly and Tools

This Rubber Powered Heli Kit comes as a "Press-Fit Kit" and requires  assembly with a bit of Hobby Grade CA, Light Hot Melt Glue or Goop supplied by the User.

Build time depends on user skill, but should take you no more than 10-15 minutes. if you follow the Step by Step Instructions, provided with the kits.  The assembly follows this sequence: Frame, Skids, Boom, Tail Fin, Rotor, Blades.
The Tail Fin is not glued to allow it to pivot for different flight patterns. 

Technical Product Support

Should you have any questions, during the assembly and setup, Mario I. Arguello (MIA), the designer, is available for technical support via our Contact Us page.
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