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This is a sample of the type of questions we get from  customers and how we like to respond to them.  We have included it here to assist all customers seeking similar questions.


From/To: Gary S.

Q. Hello, I'm looking at your (SR) Landing Gear and it looks really nice, but can you just buy the LG Kit and not the tail guard?

By nature of the way this kit is manufactured, we cannot separate from the G10 parts tree the tail guard and it is cheaper to get all the pieces instead of jus the LG.
Also we feel the tail guard is essential to cushion the tail section better than the rigid tail guards and prevent more costly repairs during mishaps.


Q. Plus I'm a newbie with this and I can hover it, does the Fly bar kits really work to stabilize it?

A. Yes they do, anytime you add any amount of weight to the flybar it provides higher stabilization.

Q. How are your Blades, will you notice a big improvement or do more damage when smacking at blade. It seems I always hit the tail boom with a blade once in awhile and destroy it as well as bend the tail boom. I know it's a learning curve. I have 2 other buddies looking at this as well and we are just wondering if it is worth the investment?
A. As our videos indicate, our SR kits were developed to minimize or remove these problems that you mention and are associated with the stock SR components.  The blade kits we sell for the SR are of symmetrical airfoil, same as the stock SR blades, but in comparison to the stock woodies, these are rigid foam. Unfortunately no blade is safe from a hard hit and will get damaged depending on the force of impact. 


Q. The reason I say that is we have purchased a lot of "X Company" Parts which really never worked as good as stock, especially the Swash Plates for the MCX, MSR and their folding blades for the MCX. I find all the bling doesn't always really help the overall stability.?
A. I'm familiar with the "X-Company" name but not with the parts or quality or reason why they are made. It is true, not all bling works favorably. This is why we try to do some close-up product instructional videos so that it illustrates more clearly the product we sell and more importantly, its purpose. We also have some videos showing the SR upgrades put through the paces. We leave this up to each customer need to decide on the parts they feel are required  to meet those specific needs. 

Q. What's your shipping cost?, please advise.
A. Our shipping costs vary depending where the product is  going and how the customers wishes to receive the product.
It is typically $6. 50  (Domestic Priority Mail - TRACKING AVAILABLE )  for up to a 7X7X6 inch size box. 
$18 Flat Item Only Box ( International Priority Mail - NO TRACKING OR INSURANCE AVAILABLE WITH THIS OPTION)
$29.00 (International Priority or Express TRACKING ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THIS OPTION)  
We are fine tuning our Shipping Information link: until then please use the above shipping schedule.
Thank you.
Mario I. Arguello



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