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* Realistic Appearance
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RC Microlights

MIA Mini Robo RC Trike
Microlight Ultralight Flex Wing KIT

A bit of History

Original one of a kind design based on a larger original design done in the 80's, but made smaller and more realistic controlled via the MIA Robo Pilot an MIA Innovation that started with that first 80's MIA Original Design RC Microlight Trike, at a time when there were no such RC models available anywhere.  Read More...



MIA Mini RC Robo Trike Kit   $149.99
For ease of shipping, Comes with semi assembled Natural Wood, Fiberglass and Carbon Rod Frame
Semi assembled carbon rod wing structure. Molded Body, Pilot and Wheel Fins in color of your choice
Includes Hot Green Rip Stop Nylon Sail


Nearly indestructible rc microlight model kit, great for someone wishing a different pace and a new RC Flying excitement!

We have semi assembled the main frame, robo pilot support and wing structure to make it easier and more compact for shipment. The sail is also setup ready for user to install.

The kit features a unique design using MIA Flex™ press-fit connections and bolt-on assembly using MIA TUFF™ Select lightweight nylon hardware for easy of assembly and durability.

The mechanical CNC fiberglass plate pilot parts are easily assembled to user supplied servos and it is the focal point of the control for real weight shift steering via the control bar, jut like a real microlight trike. The sail architecture has been simplified for ultra efficiency (heavy wings on an RC ultralight do not fly well) and lightness to make control easy on the first time rc pilot.

Spektrum DX6i or HK T-Six Orange Transmitters
The MIA Mini RC Robo Trike is not a toy "Rogallo" delta kite, but a very sophisticated RC model "KIT" which has been designed based on modern day "Strut Braced" microlight architecture, including the wing. Therefore it is assembled, setup and flown very much like the real thing, but in miniature.
In order to fly this model, a programmable transmitter is required. We highly recommend the Spektrum DX6I or the HK T-Six Orange Transmitters (Mode 2 USA use) as these are highly popular and have been thoroughly tested with the also popular Spektrum and HK respective orange DSM2 receivers.



Kit Contents

* Frame -- CNC Machined G10 Fiberglass Carbon Composite Plates over Wood Base and Mast
* Robotic Pilot -- CNC Machined G10 Fiberglass Composite Plate Mechanical Pilot Parts
* Landing Gear -- MIA TUFF™Landing Gear Parts
* Wheels -- Lightweight Foam
* Suspension -- MIA Elasto-Sock™ Adjustable Dampers
* Wing Frame Structure -- Carbon and MIA TUFF™ Select Parts
* Sail - Rip Stop Nylon -- Currently Hot Green Only
* Control - Real weight shift control bar and steering via direct MIA Robo-Pilot™
* Vinyl Decals -- Full graphics decal set to match canopy pilot base color selection
* Molded Parts -- Canopy, motor cover and wheel vertical fins
* Hardware -- MIA TUFF™ selected nylon and metal hardware
* Instructions -- Step by Step Assembly Instructions
* Color Options -- Pilot body, Canopy, Fins: Green, Yellow, Silver, White, Black, Blue, Red, Orange

Materials and Tools Required

* High quality CA Glue, CA Accelerator Spray
* A 00 size Philips Screwdriver
* Exacto™ Hobby knife
Small Scissors
* Metal Edge Ruler
* Krylon™ Paint for Plastics (Optional to paint frame to desired color)

Required Equipment


* Transmitter -- Programmable Delta Elevon Mix, DX6i DSM, Hobby King Orange TX Mode2 or similar
* Receiver -- Spektrum DSM, or Hobby King Orange RX DSM2 6CH
* BL Motor -- Turnigy 2205A 1350KV 100W
* Electronic Speed Controller -- Turnigy ESC Plush 10A or Hobby King 12A
* Propeller -- GWS 6x3, 3 blades or 6x5, 2 blades
Servos -- Corona DS-929MG x 3
* Battery -- Turnigy 800mAh 20 to 30C 3S 11.1 volts and suitable Li-Pol Charger

Last but not Least

An indoor arena or park to fly it and enjoy your truly unique and awesome model!

MIA Mini RC Robo Trike Kit   $149.99
For ease of shipping, Comes with semi assembled Natural Wood, Fiberglass and Carbon Rod Frame
Semi assembled carbon rod wing structure. Molded Body, Pilot and Wheel Fins in color of your choice
Includes Hot Green Rip Stop Nylon Sail

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