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Nano Nellie - MSR Instructions

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       MIA Nano Nellie Upgrade Body and Trike LG Kit
            mSR and  mCX Helicopters
 As of Mid February 2011 MIA Micro-FLIGHT will be offering a complete Kit
to turn the E-flite Blade mSR and 120SR helicopters into real flying
Palm-Size  RC Autogyros.
The Battery Mounting on this MIA Nano Nellie Trike Frame is something new that we came up with to provide and option for installing the battery and relocating it with greater ease. Simply slide the battery with the connector towards the rear of the body and snap in place. The blue rubber spacers hug the battery and it is not really necessary to use rubber bands to hold the battery in place. However if you wish you can use the provided rubber bands supplied in the kit for greater retention.



































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