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 Note  The battery connector is now mounted from the back side of the helicopter LG and
the battery is under slung from under the front strut and on an angle, into the inside front end of the canopy. Assembly photos shows this more in detail.
Before you begin, please also read the  MIA Kit Intro  completely. Make sure you are comfortable with the assembly and tools required. This is not a hard assembly but as with any hobby which requires user involvement, it requires careful reading and patience. You do this and you too will end up with an awesome Scale S300 for your mSR, mCX2 or Solo tiny helicopter. If you need further assistance you can also Email us and we will help you.

 Q  Will this frame work with older version mCX helis?

 A  Yes but you will need to use 150 mah battery with such to boost the power requirement for scale flight.  If you are in doubt of diminished flight times with your "older" mCX helicopter please purchase the older version kits for such, under our mCX Upgrades page. These were designed strictly for the older mCX with smaller diameter skids and boom. In contrast, the 2010 S300 kits have wider diameter skids, boom and slightly different frame arrangement.

 Stock Helicopter Preparation


 1  Carefully remove the stock LG.
 2  Disconnect the small tail motor connector from the 4 in 1 controller.
 3  Uncoil the wires with the connector from the canopy support arm.
 4  Gently fold the wires towards the back of the stock carbon boom
 5  Firmly grab the boom and connector wires between your index and thumb fingers near the read frame boom socket, while holding the heli frame with the other hand, pull gently, the boom assembly will pull out of the frame rear socket.

 mCX and mCX2
 1  Carefully remove the stock LG.
 2  Firmly grab the boom between your index and thumb fingers near the read frame boom socket, while holding the heli frame with the other hand, pull gently, the boom assembly will pull out of the frame rear socket.

 1  Carefully unsolder the battery connector wires to the controller board. Keep track of where the red and black wires go before removal. Mark the Red + , Black -.
 2   With the wires disconnected from the controller, gently remove the stock LG.
 You have tow options at this point:
 A  cut the plastic battery connector from the LG and re-solder the connector wires
to the controller marked + and -. This allows you to use the stock Solo battery.
 B  Solder a universal mSR battery connector red and black wires to the controller + (Red),
 - ( black). This allows you to use the more universal mSR battery types with the solo.
Recommended option as this makes easier if you have both Nine Eagles Solo and E-Flite mSR-mCX2 brand helis and you can swap batteries back and forth, easily.
 Note   Because the Solo helicopters already have an angled boom, a la S300 style, we recommend the S300 alu boom and supporting fiberglass brackets not be used, to save on weight. Use only the S300 LG assembly and keep the tail stock.
However, if you feel comfortable experimenting a bit and modifying the boom support brackets slightly then, follow same install procedure for the mSR. The mounting of the fiberglass S300 boom support brackets to the canopy support arm will not be the same on the solo as it is on the mSR-mCX you can trim these upper ones and leave only the boom supporting brackets, or leave the boom brackets out completely, since the stock Solo angled boom will already support the S300 aluminum boom only using the rubber boom support piece.

 Reinstalling the boom assembly with the S300 aluminum boom

Note that you will pass the entire stock carbon boom, wires and connector as an entire assembly, beginning with the connector, through the new S300 aluminum boom, which has been sized accordingly to allow ease of installation, as described.  Do this carefully so not to scratch the enamel on the wires. Once this is done the stock boom will stick out of the aluminum boom a small distance at the front to safely keep the mSR tail rotor wires intact. Make sure you coil the connector wires back, as in the stock setup, when you get to that point.

 Removal of parts from parts tree Procedure:
 1  Carefully and gently "score" all part supporting "bridges" with a hobby knife.
 Do not Try to cut all in one shot! this is just as a guide for the next steps and to provide a clean cut.
 2  Using a small hobby scissors cut around the parts near the supporting bridges. This is required for professional results.
 3  Using a small hobby scissors cut the bridges off at the "score" marks.

 Installation of Aluminum Skids
 1  Once the main LG Strut supports and battery horizontal plate are assembled,
carefully insert the skids with retainer O-rings through the LG strut support skid holes.
 2  Align the skids making sure they are true and squared, the O-rings typically hold the
skids in place snugly, but for a permanent installation place a tiny CA drop in between
the O-Ring and Strut Support, skid to lock the skids in place.  Take your time so you obtain
a professional looking assembly. Study the photos to guide you as reference.


 Note  Before CA gluing the boom bracing to the LG assembly, test fit the install using the
stock frame canopy rear support bar . Once this is set, fix the boom assembly to the LG
base with CA glue as shown in photos.  The Actual real S300 has a specific angle to the
boom in reference to the cabin, it angles slightly up at the rear, this is natural.

 Note  Push the end of the boom assembly all the way until the tail rotor
plastic mount makes contact, flush, with the edge of the aluminum boom.

 Installation of complete assembly to stock helicopter mounting posts

Installation of complete MIA S300 LG-Boom assembly to the stock Helicopter frame LG mounting posts, should be snug, if the helicopter frame is fairly new and you have not gone through several LG replacements. However if for some reason it is not, you can tighten the fit by smearing a bit of CA glue around the fiberglass strut support mounting pegs, to thicken them up a bit. Do this in small and careful steps to avoid excess CA glue build up. Test it, repeat if required.
 Detailing the S300 Canopy

The canopy kit is supplied with printed vinyl decals with color trim strips and logos. A couple tail molded fins, same color as canopy, are also included for extra realism. Make sure your hands are clean and dry when working with decals.

 1  Carefully cut the trim color strips in segments.
 2  Remove the protective decal backing, by gently pricking with a pin or edge of a hobby knife the backing material and peel off the vinyl decal from it.
 3  Apply decals strips and logos using the photograph below as reference. The vinyl decal material is repositionable, if you make a mistake, you can redo it with ease. To apply trims around curves, gently stretch the vinyl strips around the curve as you apply to canopy with gentle finger pressure.

 4  Installation of tail molded fins is simply done using small pieces of Scotch clear tape to "clamp" the fins around the boom tail end section.

 Navigation Lights

Lighting is optional. However, if you wish to light up your scale model, we recommend you purchase a set of lights from Tiny Brite Lights and install them according to their supplied instructions. Use the following photo as reference for location of lights, or install
as you wish.  A flashing white light  (not visible on this photo) is typically mounted at the boom rear end. Red is for (Right) and Green is for (Left) with view of  helicopter coming towards you. Use only 3 lights, to keep heli from additional weight.
































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