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MIA Trike-a-Sail™ Pantera RC Land Yacht kit
A Great Radio Control Land Yacht with
Bonus Motor Propulsion Mount
Category: MIA Trike-a-Sail™ Pantera - RC Land Yacht - 2018 Ver.
Type: Wind Powered, with Bonus Motor Propulsion Mount
Construction: Bolt-On Kit
Tools Required: Small Phillips Screwdriver
Assembly: 1 evening, depends on user skill
Materials: Wood, Ripstop-Dacron-Nylon-Carbon-Steel-3D Printed Parts
Control Type: Servo Control Sail and Steering with Optional Propulsion for low or no wind days.
Sail:  Original Green with Black Edges

Sail Span: 16"Wx38"L
Width: 21"
Height: 48″
~40-48 Oz.

Requires: Customer Supplied  4-6 Channel Radio TX, Matching RX, (4) AA  Batteries.

$224.99 Option A) Basic Kit
$249.00 Option B) Basic Kit with 2 Servos and 4AA Battery Holder

Custom Sails: Available upon request via our Contact Us
Kit Options

The MIA Trike-a-Sail™ Pantera RC Land Yacht, while sophisticated in design, is an high performance, easy to run and highly durable RC Land Yacht or Land Sailer, also know as Carro Vela, or Char-a-voile, operated by 2-Channel radio control. Front Steering and Sail. Optional Throtle for Powered control requires a 3rd channel.

This unique RC model is designed for wind power or optional electric-power and it is made from CNC machined wood parts, 3D pronted, metal and Nylon parts that interlock for simplicity and quick-assembly. The sail is large enough and lightweight for a range of wind conditions.
Kit Contents

The Kit comes with MIA's  typical "Kit Contents Checklist",  which ensures that the kit has been shipped complete.

Assembly and Tools

As typical of MIA Kit Products, this kit comes as a "Bolt-On Kit" and requires  assembly with a Phillips screwdriver. Build time depends on user skill, but should take you no more than an evening, if you are familiar with RC models and  follow the Step by Step Instructions, provided with the kits.  The assembly follows this sequence: Frame, Wheels, Mast, Sail, Servos, Links, Setup.

Technical Product Support

Should you have any questions, during the assembly and setup, Mario I. Arguello (MIA), the designer, is available for technical support via our Contact Us page.

This is an awesome! 48″ Tall  model, suitable for parking lot or backyard runnnig,  preferably in mild to medium winds. While the model can also be run in indoor hangers or arenas with artificial air flow,  it will perform much better in an open un-obstructed  and level area, such as parking lots. 

For days where there is no wind, the kit has been supplied with a "bonus" Motor mount that installs at the back of the frame and will take any small DC Brushed or Brushless motor, such as used for small park flyer models, coupled with a small 3-4" propeller for electric power assisted operation.  In this case you are basically running the land yacht as a typical RC buggy with or without the sail.

We have put together, an matched 2 standard size Servos and a(4) AA Battery Holder Combo and offer this with the Kit as Option B.  Should you chose to purchase Option A, you will need to supply your own standard size servos, and battery holder, in addition to radio equipment.


Option A) In order  to run this model, a  multi-channel transmitter (2-Channels at miminum)  with matching receiver,  2-standard size servos, metal gear preferably, and (4) AA size batteries are required. This is typically supplied by the user.

Option B)
In order  to run this model, a  a  multi-channel transmitter (2-Channels at miminum)  with matching receiver and (4) AA size batteries are required. This is typically supplied by the user.
Need Parts to make your own cool aircraft,
a Pilot Figure to make your r/c model more realistic,
or a fun Land Yacht to run, when it is too windy to fly?

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