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 Blade 120 SR LG Canopy Instructions

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We design our products with considerable thought and many of them come with a high degree of options to allow our customers more flexibility in use of the stock products with our Upgrades. With this in mind some people might find this flexibility a bit confusing when no detailed instructions are provided.
I apologize if you received an early kit with no instructions.
But if you have any questions about the assembly of our kits, please e-mail us before asking question in forums.
Often times many people just don't know enough about our products or the stock product itself to be able to help you as we, the kit,  upgrade designer and manufacturer, would.
Please direct your questions  to our E-mail so that we can help you better.
 Thank You - MIA


Blade 120 SR Helicopter with Stock LG.
 The 120 is a nice helicopter but looks a bit funky with the stock LG, it is also "narrow-footprint" and this hinders easier takeoffs and landings.


Blade 120 SR Fitted with MIA "A" Style LG
A more practical and elegant LG Option


Note: The MIA "A" Shape LG, is not just for aesthetical purposes, it has a mechanical advantage of providing a more solid mechanical structure while allowing the LG struts to be designed lightweight and allowing the skids to be locked in place with a bit of friction. However you can make the installation of the skids to struts more permanent by using a bit of Hot Melt Glue at the strut to skid O-ring joints to lock them in place. Note also that you can use CA glue but Hot Melt glue is preferable if you think you will need to replace the aluminum skids often.

Note also that we are supplying aluminum skids based on customer request to have a more elegant skids on their helicopters, and although MIA favors the G10 or molded nylon skids, as we used and offer on some of our other MIA LG KITS, this option is there for you to consider based also on your personal preference.

Have you ever wondered why bridges are made of thin triangular sections? Same approach here with our "A" shape design. LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURAL RIGIDITY.


More robust


Greater footprint and sleek lower profile


More stable


Greater protection for the helicopter


Universal mounting for various battery shapes and sizes


Practical tail rotor and boom stress relieving protection


Elegant LG aluminum skids can be easily trimmed by user to shorter length, if desired.



The MIA LG Kit - G10 LG Parts Tree


Has all the fiberglass parts to make up the wider footprint and lower profile LG, battery plate and a couple "bonus fins" for user to use or not use as desired.
The fins were not intended to be part of the LG, but since we had the room on the plate we thought we  include them at no extra charge. They are shorter than the fin that is included with the MIA Edge, Phantom and Falcon canopies, but they are free and made from G10.
Please Read the section MIA KIT INTRO if you are not already familiar with
the assembly of MIA kits.
Kit Parts
 • Wide Footprint "A" Style LG Struts 
 • Aluminum Skid, Rubber Holders
 • Battery Mounting Sleeve, Rubber Straps
 • Canopy, Fin, Basic Trim Decals




MIA Edge, Phantom ,Falcon Canopies
Please Read the section MIA Decals if you are not already familiar with
the application of MIA Vinyl Decals.
Kit Parts
 •  Canopy, Fin, Decals
 •  Injection Molded Hardware



MIA Upgraded Blade 120 SR In Action!



































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